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1, famous brand, industry priority

Dazheng plastic products the pursuit of production of environmental protection policy of the company is, industry-leading technology innovation, to create our own national brand, which products and services business to hundreds of million.


2, personalized custom, according to the need to do style

Customization is characteristic of Dazheng plastic products, according to the customers want styles, customized personalized products to meet all customer needs.


3, the scale of production, quality is

Taisho has excellent equipment, practitioners for many years of technical guidance team, skilled in the operation of the number of production lines, production, export volume!


4, military quality, green environmental protection

Quality is good or bad, we know the law, we regard quality as the life, have product research and development department, invest a lot of manpower and material resources to develop new products, green

Produce good quality products for the purpose of!


5, caring service, save worry

Close to the pre-sale and after-sales service, customer service advocating the concept of "active service, rapid assistance", 24 hours around the clock!