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Dazheng plastic attaches great importance to the construction of human resources, from all corners of the country all the employees are the most valuable wealth. We know that every employee's selfless dedication and effort is to promote the company's progress and development of the maximum power, composite talent is the cornerstone of enterprise development. Our staff is full of passion collective hopes, we expect excellent talent with wisdom, passion and creativity to join Dazheng plastic, and we together to greet the opportunities and challenges. Our core value view is: creative learning and creative work, creative thinking. The company do to employees, customers, honest, trustworthy and respected at the same time and every employee to achieve an honest, trustworthy and respected in. We respect every employee from different cultural backgrounds, and provide them with good, safe working conditions and training opportunities. Encourage each employee to participate in the company's development, in order to improve the performance of the company put forward constructive comments and suggestions. Our success depends on all the staff team, concerted efforts and contribution to.


We always advocate humane management, our human resources development work always adhere to the & respect people, train people, the achievements of people of talent concept, adhere to the concept of innovation, system innovation, to create a fair, just and open environment for the growth and competition of talent, establish a respect for talent, talent training and give full play to the potential of the mechanism, ensure the enterprise to grow and develop and implement of a maximum value of personal perfection, harmony and unity.


There is no best, only better, our excellent team for you to join and more excellent. We look forward to your attention, look forward to your joining Dazheng plastic.