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CPPCC members talk about green development to protect the ecological environment


On 7 March (Monday) 15, the second session of the fourth session of the CPPCC in media center multi-purpose hall held a press conference, invite 5 members of the National Committee on a comprehensive conservation and efficient use of resources, promote the development of low carbon cycle, increase environmental remediation efforts, especially the atmosphere, water and soil pollution, strengthen ecological protection and restoration, orderly use of nature and promoting ecological environment quality and overall improvement of reporters to answer questions.orderly use of nature and promoting ecological environment quality and overall improvement of reporters to answer questions.ep answer questions.


Five CPPCC members are:

Deputy director of the CPPCC National Committee of population, resources and environment, China's special representative on climate change issues, the national development and Reform Commission, former deputy director Mr. Xie Zhenhua.former deputy director Mr. Xie Zhenhua.former deputy director Mr. Xie Zhenhua.


CPPCC Standing Committee, deputy director of the population resources and Environment Committee, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr. Qin Dahe.

The Standing Committee of the CPPCC CDNCA Central Committee Vice Chairman and secretary general, Mr. Wu Xiaoqing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection.

A member of the CPPCC National Committee, former Vice Minister of land and resources, Mr. Hu Cunzhi.ormer Vice Minister of land and resources, Mr. Hu Cunzhi.Mr. Hu Cunzhi.ormer Vice Minister of land and resources, Mr. Hu Cunzhi.


CPPCC National Committee members, news commentary Department of CCTV News Center, China Environmental Culture Promotion Association executive director Bai Yansong.

JINGWAH Times reporter: distinguished members of your good, I am a JINGWAH times reporter. Question Qin Dahe members, the source of pollution in big cities have a lot of ambiguous argument, what is the cause of haze? Automobile exhaust is the chief culprit? Thank you


Qin Dahe: haze from the scientific and technological sector to the management, to the people are very concerned about an important issue, the relationship between the people's livelihood, the relationship to the well-being, related to health. Fog and haze is different, the fog is water vapor, is haze particles, is now the main particulate emissions from human activities. You asked about the cause of the haze, in short, is mainly caused by human activity emissions. A lot of emission sources, the coal is the main, and of course I want to name the coal, the main energy sources in China rely on coal, as far as I know that by 2050 China's coal as energy proportion more than 50%, the clean coal use is the key. So the current situation of scattered burning coal and no clean coal is the main cause of China's Urban Haze or the main cause of the eastern haze. There is an example to prove that the annual winter heating season, in the northeast to China north area of fog and haze increased.


Another reason is that the automobile exhaust gas, China's automobile exhaust in the state of the relevant functional departments of the strict requirements and the joint efforts of enterprises, fuel oil quality improvement is relatively fast. Beijing, for example, the current state of the country's V model of oil and Europe almost, but there are differences in other areas. Therefore, in large cities, in the case of coal as a major pollutant, automobile exhaust emissions have a certain amount of. But I should like to emphasize in particular, in a city like Beijing, the emissions of some of construction machinery, and a small amount of yellow car and winter heating season in the surrounding cities scattered burning coal such pollution, in the breeze is caused by pollution is the main reason for the. You have to ask two days before the haze so serious, why this two days the weather is so good? Another reason is the atmospheric circulation, which has a certain relationship with global warming. For example, in early December last year, North America due to global warming cold air rapidly moving to the Arctic region, plus the Shanghai ocean sea ice extent decreased, the warm air reached the north pole when it rose to zero. A reporter asked me how January rose to above zero? I asked for a moment, that is the "model" to estimate the temperature, the temperature difference of 35 degrees. Such a strong pressure, drive north of a lot of cold air and northward, causing our country cold activities for which there is a king cold, said there are people of the century cold, blowing away the haze. Haze is caused by human activity pollution, automobile exhaust has a certain contribution, the weather conditions are very important.


Reuters reporter: Jie Zhenhua members, two universities in the UK today published a research report, they said that China's carbon emissions in 2014 has reached a peak. I would like to ask you what to judge? If it is correct, China will adjust the climate of commitment.

Jie Zhenhua: you're an old friend, and you're concerned about climate change. You ask this question, recently there have been a number of research institutions published a number of articles. Mainly due to the global economic downturn, countries have adopted some positive measures to deal with climate change. In 2015, global carbon emissions did not increase. Did not increase the main contribution is china. This is a judgment made by most research institutions. It is used to illustrate the data, but also can understand. But there is a direct relationship between carbon emissions and its development. So China clearly put forward the INDC (independent contribution target), proposed by 2030 will be the peak of China's carbon dioxide emissions. And we're going to try to get it back a bit earlier.


Specific measures are also internationally accepted practice, first, it is important to energy conservation, improve the efficiency of energy use. Energy saving is actually a new energy. Second, the development of renewable energy, is zero carbon energy. Third, increase forest carbon sink. Fourth, adjust the economic structure, industrial structure. Through these measures to reduce carbon. The reason for China's proposal to 2030 peak, has a direct relationship with the stage of economic development of our country, because we are still a developing country. We are in the process of industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, informationization, the process due to the development. It also the support of energy, but energy structure and industrial structure to substantial adjustments. Therefore, China put forward through the green, low-carbon, recycling development